Get Slim, Get Trim, And Look Fab

Do you want to get the most amazing body you could ever wish for and get it faster than you ever thought possible? If you do, then you need to ask yourself “how can I accomplish this?” And then your answer to this question will dictate just how effective you will be at getting the body that you truly deserve.

I’m a big believer in setting your goals big and then taking even bigger actions to help you get to your goals fast. It’s definitely possible to achieve your goals no matter how big. But you need to back up everything you think you can achieve or want to achieve with a successful action plan. Now I said “action plan” not just “plan” because we can all easily set a plan but actually taking action on that plan, well that’s a whole different thing completely.

So you need to create an action plan and then you need to stick to taking action on it on a consistent basis. This means you will need to put the work in and repeat this over and over again until your dreams become a real and tangible reality.

This is all of course easier said than done. But you can do it! You really can.

Some things that I have found make losing weight easier is to go on a diet that is caloric restrictive in nature. The more calories you have that you don’t need for your daily energy requirements are going to put fat on your body. So you need to ensure that your calorie intake is less than your daily energy requirements. This is the number one key secret to actually losing weight and keeping it off long term.

I would get a low calorie cookbook as this type of food preparation will require a specialized knowledge of how to create these types of meals. Once you know how to make these delicious meals, your goal will become much easier.

Another thing I suggest you use is to take a fat loss supplement such as Instant Knockout as this has shown time and time again to add a lot of power to your weight loss cause. If you are serious about losing weight fast, you are going to need help from all angles and at the same time. Instant Knockout will help curb your appetite as well as speed up your metabolism system so you are burning fat throughout the day.

Can You Trust The Safety Of Your Garden Hose

We have all been there. When standing out on the back deck watering our flowers, we suddenly start to feel extremely thirsty and notice the cool, clear water streaming from the hose. The temptation to take a quick drink directly from the nozzle becomes all too much and we then go ahead and indulge. Take caution, however, because the fact is that the hose in your own back patio may pose real hazards to your safety and health. Hoses manufactured with PVC (also known as polyvinyl chloride) use lead as a stabilizing component.

Water that is allowed to remain sitting inside a hose made of PVC can quickly pick up significant amounts of lead, according to research from Consumer Reports. The amounts ultimately accumulating can register between 10 and 100 times permissible levels of lead.

PVC Bears Warning

There are some PVC hoses that bear a warning, particular those found within the state of California. The warning notifies consumers that the hose itself contains a known cancer-causing agent and could also cause reproductive harm and birth defects. The problem is that such warnings tend to be rendered in tiny, unreadable print that is not accessible until the hose is purchased and unpack-aged. Further, there are many lead-leaching no kink garden hoses that bear no warning labels whatsoever.

Lead has been known as a serious threat to good health, especially when it comes to young children. Kids are vulnerable to permanent harm to their nervous systems and brains.

Research has suggested that plants generally do not absorb significant quantities of lead, but I cannot help but worry about the effects of using water from PVC hoses to water the produce I grow at home. Adding to my concern is the fact that lead, once it gets into soil, tends to remain present for a good amount of time.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Fortunately, it is not easier than ever to purchase hose that are free from all lead. Such products are constructed with materials approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The fittings for these hoses are generally plated with nickel instead of traditional brass, as the latter is known to leach lead as well. Hoses of this nature bear “drink-safe” labeling or come in packages that inform consumers of that they are safe for transporting potable water.

Because I take organic container gardening very seriously, the last thing I want to do is cover them with lead-contaminated water.

5 Muscle Building Tips For Cut Muscles

Have you been working on building muscle but seeing little results despite your hours of sweating and hard work? Building bulk is a skill, and like any skill other than going to the gym to lift weights, you need to understand how muscles are built and what the body needs to bulk up. Following are some of the most important pointers you need to understand in order to see results quickly, and maintain your progress.

1)High Protein Diet

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make when working to build muscle is dieting too heavily during the process, thinking that cutting down on calories will lead to better cut muscles. While eating right is important, eating enough and ensuring a high protein intake is equally so.

The body uses protein stores to build muscle, but it also constantly leaches protein from the muscles for other uses such as hormone production. Ensure you eat enough protein to sustain your muscle growth, and maintain it, providing your body with what it needs for all it’s other functions. Meal plans can be an easy way to get enough protein. A program that gives you not only muscle building workouts but also solid meal plans is the Adonis Golden Ratio. This is a really powerful one-two punch program for solid mass gains.

2) Meat, Meat, Meat

Although so many fad diets tout avoiding animal based foods, these will lead to serious muscle loss and will quickly turn your muscles into flab. Animal protein is essential to maintaining muscle tone, and can’t be replaced by legumes, nuts, or plant proteins.Eating meat in the way of poultry, fish or beef daily is the best way to ensure you retain your progress.

For optimal results aim for 1 gram of protein per day per pound in order to provide your muscles with the protein they need to hold form and grow properly. A 180 pound man for example, should eat 180 grams of protein a day, splitting the remaining calories between other forms of nutrition.

3)Eat More – Ensure You Have Enough Calories

Make sure you are eating enough calories during the day to support your frame, avoid weight loss, and build more muscle. Although this isn’t a ticked to down buckets of fried chicken, eating a healthy diet, balanced with enough carbs, proteins, minerals and vegetables to maintain your weight, then some, is important in order to build bulk and keep it. To calculate your caloric needs take your body weight and multiply by 12.

If you are working to build muscle, but are seeing little results, it is likely your diet is inadequate. Modifying your diet with these tips can help ensure your body is able to build, and maintain, muscle much more efficiently.

Testosterone Benefits In The Body

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the development of masculine characteristics and male growth.  This hormone is produced naturally in the body by the testicles during adolescence and in early adulthood. Although produced naturally in the body, its production starts to decline as soon as one hits the age of 30. Testosterone is also produced natural in a female’s body, but not in equal amounts as in males.  Discussed below are some of the reasons why testosterone is important in the human body.

Some of the benefits of testosterone include:
1.    Facilitates development of strong bones and muscle mass: Testosterone is the only hormone that helps a male’s body develop muscles and increase bone density. This is the reason why men have stronger bodies and bones as compared to their female counterparts.  This is one of the reasons most body builders start their career at the age of 20 when their testosterone production levels are at their peak. The hormone helps muscles develop much faster and take form in the desired way.

2.    Boosts sex drive:  It is through testosterone production that helps a man to be able to perform in bed. Testosterone increases libido that makes the man able to satisfy his sexual partner, and be able to sustain an erection for the desired time. Low testosterone levels in the body however affect the man negatively, as his performance in bed is reduced, with most men suffering from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.  Consider including foods that boost testosterone production in your diet to curb this effect. The supplement Testofuel is also great at helping boost your testosterone and hence your sex drive.

3.    Promotes hair growth:  It is testosterone that helps prevent baldness in both men and women. In women, testosterone is produced in the ovaries and is mainly used to promote hair growth and control hormones. If it were not for testosterone, most women would lose their hair leading to balding. This is also the reason most people use testosterone boosters to treat baldness and induce hair growth.

4.    Improves one’s strength: Testosterone is also responsible for the bursts of energy that men have. The high testosterone production in men is the main reason why they are much stronger and capable of taking on the heaviest of tasks.  A decline in testosterone production in the body makes the man feel emaciated, and is also linked to anxiety and stress. Taking testosterone boosters can however help contain this situation and help promote better health.

To increase testosterone production in your body naturally, consider eating whole foods rich in zinc and essential oils. Seafood, oysters and seeds are also excellent natural remedies for testosterone productions.

Quest For The Best Treadmill

Been pontificating recently on getting myself a new treadmill. Been on lots of different review sites, plus i know a bit about the market anyway. I’m a keen runner, but do most of my training indoors these days. Bones are getting too sore to be running outdoors for me as i get into my 40’s. But i still like to run, and i’m one of the few ex-pro runners who really enjoys the treadmill.

Big Changes

Running on a treadmill is a million miles away from being out in the open. The open is unpredictable, the surface changes constantly, even on blacktop. The grip changes, the wind changes. You cannot control the elements of the road, the weather, the spontaneity; and that is what most people love. Usually you are running in a pack in races or race clubs, and the camaraderie and competition can be good, and really motivating.

Running on a treadmill is a solitary mission, but so can running out on the roads be when you are training by yourself, or across open county. But the treadmill is a completely different species. Been talking to a close friend the other day Frank Lloyd from the at a conference and i agreed with him when he described the treadmill as the most convenient running tool to hit our homes since push ups where invented.

Frank knows his stuff, he understands that treadmills are not the same as running outdoors and that your hamstring and quads are used in a totally different way that what you use when you are free running. But the treadmill is a good testing ground and can keep you in shape when you can’t get outdoors and can protect your joints and body from wreck and ruin so you can still enjoy competitive running outdoors if you combine it with treadmill running in an intelligent fashion.

The treadmill can help get you fit and keep in shape from everything from marathon running, sprint work, and everything from football to even cycling. Anything that requires bursts of speed or stamina. Indeed you can even use the treadmill for bodybuilding in your cardio or cutting up days, so it is a useful all rounder. If you have the extra budget you really need to invest in a good cushioning system. Without it your treadmill days will not inspire you to go back for more.


Also look out for motor ratings that use CHP – continuous horsepower rather than HP alone, as continuous relates to more power in treadmills. More power equals a quieter and smoother ride when you are on board. So look out for it.

Benefits Of Eating Local Fresh Produce

Have you ever tried local fresh produce? There are so many reasons to buy local produce. Below we will discuss some of the biggest reasons.

Why To Buy Local Fresh Produce:

1. Full Of Flavor.

The fact is, you are going to get food that has more flavor than other foods because the crops are picked at their peak of ripeness. Whereas, when you purchase from a big farm or commercial farm, you are going to get produce that had to be harvested early in order to be able to be shipped early and distributed to a local retail store for purchase. A lot of the times if you purchase local fresh produce it was picked within 24 hours of your actual purchase.

2. More Nutrients.

Another huge benefit that you are going to get from buying local produce is the fact that they are full of more nutrients than other produce. The reason why they are full of more nutrients is because they have a shorter time between the harvest and your actual plate. Therefore, there is less of a chance that the nutrient value of the produce has decreased during the time. Food that has been imported across states or even countries can sometimes be in transit for weeks at a time before it actually gets eaten. Imagine the nutrient loss that can occur in that time period. Not to mention, it goes through a strenuous transportation process.


3. Supports Local Economy.

If you are purchasing your food locally, you are going to be supporting the local economy. This is because you are going to be spending your money with local farmers and growers versus corporations. Because of this, all of the money that you spend stays closer to your home and ends up getting reinvested with different businesses and services within your specific community.

4. Environment.

Another huge benefit is that you are going to be supporting a healthy environment by purchasing local food. The reason why is because the locally produced food is likely to be better harvested and it can help maintain the open space within your community.

5. Safer.

183756 I-522Another reason to support local farmers and to purchase local produce is because it is safer overall. Because there are fewer steps between the food sources harvest and your consumption, there is less room for contamination. Food that has been grown far away from where it is being distributed has had more chances to get contaminated through harvesting, washing, shipping, and/or distribution. There are too many processes the produce has to go through to properly control all variables.

As you can see, eating local produce is the best way to go. Not only are you going to get better tasting food, but you are also going to get the healthiest food that you can. Not to mention, you are also going to limit the risk of contamination. Because you know where the produce came from, you can make a good assessment on whether or not it is good to eat.